The YA Book Prize 2018

Oh, it looks like I’m reading these too.


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CFP: Centuries of Childhood, DCU 2018

Added to my list of events for 2018

History of Irish Childhood Research Network


 Centuries of Childhood

A conference on the history of children and childhood in Ireland and beyond

Hosted by the School of History and Geography, Dublin City University

Saturday, 16 June 2018

This conference’s name references Centuries of Childhood, the title of the 1962 English translation of Philippe Ariès’s  L’enfant et la vie familiale sous l’Ancien Régime, the book that helped to launch the history of children and childhood as an academic discipline. The conference builds on previous initiatives in Ireland to foster this area of historical enquiry, such as the foundation of the History of Irish Childhood Research Network in 2014, in order to provide a fresh forum for researchers to discuss topics and themes related to the history of children and childhood (including adolescence) over the centuries both in Ireland and beyond its shores.

Suggested topics and themes might include but are not…

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The Harry Potter Effect at the British Library


BL HP Outside

Last week, I attended a talk at the British Library in association with the Royal Society of Literature titled “The Harry Potter Effect”.

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IBBYuk/NCRCL Conference 2017


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Drabble: Payday

Tap tap tap.

Ooh. A day early. Well, that’s a nice surprise.

Now, where’s my list? There, ok. So, let’s see. Ok, so there’s that trip to pay for and those tickets to book and my bike needs new brakes and then there’s the repairs and I’ve got to get a birthday present for –

Wait…where did it all go?

The Circus of Adventure Review

For some reason the name Tauri-Hessia came into my head this morning. If that rings bells, read this review!

World of Blyton

The Circus of Adventure without Dustjacket The Circus of Adventure without Dustjacket

So I finally got stuck into The Circus of Adventure, and I have to admit, for all my sins I haven’t been able to finish it, but I have read 3/4 of it so feel refreshed enough to review it for you!

Before we even begin on the story however, I do feel I should mention the extra special, long introduction from Blyton at the beginning of the book. She says how she was going to end the series with The Ship of Adventure but all the children’s letters persuaded her to carry on. How right the children were – just because Bill and Allie got married (spoilers, sorry!) that didn’t mean the story of the Mannerings and Trents was finished. It’s true that the Adventure series only carried on for two more books, and the last one is rather a disappointment in respects to some…

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