After the Fire by Will Hill

A survivor from a religious cult tells her side of the story and learns to deal with the world Outside.


Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal 2018 and the YA Book Prize 2018

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Lords of Arcadia by John Goode and JG Morgan

Kane thinks he is a normal teenage boy – or, in his words, a “sassy gay teenage boy” – until he falls in love with a fairy prince and realises his destiny lies outside the sleepy Iowa town of Athens. A much-needed fantasy series with a lot of attitude.


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Wed Wabbit by Lissa Evans

An accident throws ten-year-old Fidge into a world powered by her sister’s imagination.


Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal 2018

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Railhead by Philip Reeve – Carnegie Shortlist 2017

The universe has more in store for Zen Starling than small-time thievery.


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