2018/1943 Hugo Award Finalists announced

Well, this all sounds amazing.


I’ve never really engaged with the Hugo Awards, apart from reading in the Guardian about how the voting or nominations in recent years was somehow co-opted by evil right-wing puppies. It’s sad when people try to game a system and ruin everyone’s fun, but I’m going to give it a go anyway and see, alongside the reading I’m doing for the Carnegie Medal shortlist.

The Carnegie Medal is announced on the 18th June, and the Hugo Awards on the 19th August, so I’m hoping I can make it through the 2018 Hugo Novel list by then. I didn’t realise there were so many categories and there’s no way I’ll make it through everything so I’m going to try to get through the novels and see how I get on.

More details on the Hugo site here, and here is the list of novels up for the award in 2018:

Very exciting, indeed. I’ve only briefly read the blurbs on these books but they sound great so I can’t wait to dig in.

But first things first, I’m only 2 down on the Carnegie Medal shortlist, another 6 to go, as well as an essay to write on gender in fairy tales for the beginning of May…! Onwards and upwards…!

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