Railhead by Philip Reeve – Carnegie Shortlist 2017

The universe has more in store for Zen Starling than small-time thievery.


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Alien: Covenant (2017)

A half-baked Prometheus 2.


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Sputnik’s Guide To Life On Earth by Frank Cottrell Boyce – Carnegie Shortlist 2017

Sea chests, gravity surfing, and cow palaces.


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American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Classic Neil Gaiman: full of invention and imagination, poor on character and writing.


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The Circus of Adventure Review

For some reason the name Tauri-Hessia came into my head this morning. If that rings bells, read this review!

World of Blyton

The Circus of Adventure without Dustjacket The Circus of Adventure without Dustjacket

So I finally got stuck into The Circus of Adventure, and I have to admit, for all my sins I haven’t been able to finish it, but I have read 3/4 of it so feel refreshed enough to review it for you!

Before we even begin on the story however, I do feel I should mention the extra special, long introduction from Blyton at the beginning of the book. She says how she was going to end the series with The Ship of Adventure but all the children’s letters persuaded her to carry on. How right the children were – just because Bill and Allie got married (spoilers, sorry!) that didn’t mean the story of the Mannerings and Trents was finished. It’s true that the Adventure series only carried on for two more books, and the last one is rather a disappointment in respects to some…

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