Tooth, Mouth, Face, Body

Last night, I attended the first session of the evening City Lit course I am enrolled on, Ways into Creative Writing led by Zoe Fairbairns. The end result of this first session was a short poem.



This tooth doesn’t feel like it belongs to me.
It has a filling and I’ve never really trusted it.
I try not to use it.


My mouth is dry and hot.
It could do with a cold drink.
I haven’t thought about my mouth this much in a while,
And I feel bad because
I wouldn’t have got very far without it.


My face is like a lot of people’s.
Two eyes, a nose, a mouth with teeth.
I’ve had this face my whole life: we go way back, my face and me.


My body carries me around without complaining much.
It lets me do all kinds of things and I try to treat it well.
I reward it occasionally.


This was a fun exercise to get the creative juices flowing and to get people used to sharing their work in public. I’m looking forward to the rest of the course, to producing more work, and will be posting the results here.


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